Porto Limnionas beach in Zakynthos, Greece: A travel guide

Porto Limnionas was one of our preferred locations in Zante, as well as obviously one of the most prominent locations for tourists to see as it was rather hectic when we were there, even though we went to in the take on season (May). 

Despite the crowds, this breathtaking secluded cove surrounded by jagged cliffs is one of the most picturesque beaches on the island, rivalled possibly only by the world-famous Navagio Beach.

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About Porto Limnionas
Where is Porto Limnionas?
How To get To Porto Limnionas
Best Time To see Porto Limnionas Zakynthos
The type of Sand on Porto Limnionas
Facilities on Porto Limnionas
Where To stay Near Porto Limnionas
Best restaurants Near Porto Limnionas
Should You go to Porto Limnionas?
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There is a good restaurant here, auto parking as well as great deals of sunbeds with views over the bay. There isn’t truly a beach as such, however at the end of the cove, there is some pebbly sand submerged under the water where you can stand.

Many people (including us) select to just jump off of the rocks as well as into the crystal remove Ionian Sea from here.

In this post, I’m going to break down all the essential things you requirement to understand about going to Porto Limnionas beach like the very best restaurants nearby, where to stay, exactly how to get right here as well as more.

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Let’s get started checking out Porto Limnionas beach in Zakynthos, Greece

About Porto Limnionas

Perhaps many well-known for the stunning colours of the sea right here as well as the calm, secluded waters, excellent for swimming, in addition to the lovely Porto Limnionas Tavern, the cove of Porto Limnionas is firmly put on many travellers’ schedule when they plan a trip to Zakynthos Island.

Where is Porto Limnionas?

Porto Limnionas is found on Zakynthos, a small, however prominent traveler island (405 km² / 156 mi²) which bobs in the Ionian Sea about 20 kilometres west of the westernmost point of the Greek Peloponnese Mainland. Zakynthos is around 250 kilometres west of the funding of Athens. 

Zakynthos is one of the most prominent locations to see in Greece, as well as for great reason.

Porto Limnionas itself is nestled between towering cliffs on the west side of the island about 7 kilometres from Agios Leon and 

On the west side of the island, roughly 7 km from Agios Leon as well as about 30 kilometres (47-minute drive) from the funding of the island, Zante Town.

How To get To Porto Limnionas

The finest method to get to Porto Limnionas is by renting a car. In fact, I extremely suggest renting a cars and truck for the duration of your stay in Zakynthos, or at least for a few days to see the island.

While you can see Porto Limnionas as part of a day trip (as well as other prominent beach areas like Gerakas Beach, Xigia beach & Alykes Beach), you’ll discover that many of the trips that circle the island begin at around €30 per person.

A cars and truck rental will only expense around €15 – €20 each day plus gas, so it’s a much much better offer to have a cars and truck instead, plus you’ll be able to have the flexibility to stop where as well as når du vil. If you’re two or much more people sharing the expense of the car, it’s a no-brainer.

There is no public deliver to get to Porto Limnionas from prominent traveler areas like Zante Town, Laganas or Insilivi, so you’re finest choice is certainly to lease a car. We always lease our cars and trucks with Expedia.com (not a sponsor) as well as typically discover the very best offers there.

Best Time To see Porto Limnionas Zakynthos

Because the cliffs are so high around Porto Limnionas, the location can totally modification depending upon where the sun is in the sky as well as exactly how cloudy or sunny it is. That’s why it’s finest to plan to find to Porto Limnionas at not only the ideal time of day however the very best time of year as well.

The finest Time of Day To see Porto Limnionas

The finest time of day to see Porto Limnionas is between 11 am as well as 3 pm when the sun is many likely to be directly overhead. Of course, this modifications depending upon what season you visit, however this beach looks absolutely breathtaking when the sun is overhead as well as illuminating the fantastic colours of the Ionian Sea as well as the rocks at the bottom of the cove.

The finest time of year to see Porto Limnionas

The finest time of year to see Zakynthos (and therefore Porto Limnionas) is any type oftime between March as well as the beginning of November. 

Our preferred time to see Greece is in the take on season, either in the spring (March to May) or in the autumn (September to early-November). Of course, at either end of these dates, the sea can be rather cold as well as the weather condition can be less predictable, however there are method fewer crowds at this time.

Porto Limnionas can get insanely hectic in the top season (July as well as August), so if you’re coming during these months just understand that while you may be able to delight in the warmest seas of the year as well as the sunniest weather, you’ll likewise have to share the cove with numerous other tourists.

The type of Sand on Porto Limnionas

As I discussed earlier, there isn’t truly any type of subjected sand at Porto Limnionas as well as while numerous people, including locals (and us), commonly phone call it one of the very best beaches in Zakynthos (and even the very best in Greece), in reality it’s not really a beach.

I know, one of the very best past times for tourists in Greece is to lay your towel in the sand as well as absorb the sun, however you won’t be doing that here.

The bottom of the bay is big boulders for the most part, except for in the most narrow part of the cove where the two sides of the cliffs converge. right here there is some pebbly light-coloured sand, however it’s submerged quite much all of the time, so it might barely be called a beach.

Still, numerous people select to swim from the rocks over to the sandy cove so they can stand up as well as unwind while looking out at the lovely view of the sea.

Facilities on Porto Limnionas

Thanks to the Porto Limnionas Tavern, there are some excellent facilities at the beach here. The restaurant serves up tasty meals as well as drinks as well as they likewise offer the beach chairs to lease with umbrellas (charged at €5 per person each day at the time we visited).

If you want to save some money, you can swim as well as delight in the view at Porto Limnionas as well as perhaps have lunch at the tavern, as well as then relocation onto close-by Porto Rosso where they offer lounge chairs as well as umbrellas for totally free when you purchase a drink on the beach.

When we were there, there was nowhere to lease a snorkel as well as mask, however this is a excellent location for snorkelling on Zante Island. The exposure is spectacular as well as there are numerous caves to check out right here as well.

There is totally free auto parking at the top of the hill.

Where To stay Near Porto Limnionas

There aren’t a great deal of excellent hotel choices near Porto Limnionas, so I wouldn’t suggest planning to stay right here just for a see to the cove. Instead, stay in one of the much more prominent destinations on Zakynthos Island as well as just see Porto Limnionas for a couple of hours as part of a day trip.

Here are some excellent hotels in other parts of the island.

Keri Village

Keri village is still on the west side of the island around a 45-minute drive south of Porto Limnionas. right here you have a few excellent hotel choices including Keri village & health spa (rooms from $117/night) as well as Revera stone Villas (rooms from $45/night). This is likewise the town where you can inspect out the breathtaking Keri Cliffs as well as the Keri Lighthouse.

Keri Beach

There are two Keris on Zakynthos, one is the village on the west side of the island that’s perched on the well-known cliffs (above), as well as the other is Keri beach area on the east coastline about 15 minutes drive from Keri Village.  right here you have some great hotel as well as house choices like Blue Lake (rooms from $42/night) as well as vacation home Regina (rooms from $40 / night).

Laganas Beach

This is one of the most prominent locations to stay in Zakynthos. There’s lots of restaurants as well as bars here, a good beach as well as a few of the very best nightlife on the island. It can be crammed with young partiers during the high season however is still a great choice for locations to stay. prominent choices include The Mediterranean beach hotel (rooms from $80/night) as well as Agave shop hotel (rooms from $47/night).

Best restaurants Near Porto Limnionas

There’s one apparent choice for the restaurants near Porto Limnionas as well as that’s the tavern by the exact same name, however if you have your own cars and truck you can see some other restaurants nearby.

PortoLimnionas Tavern (Porto Limnionas)

? Zante 290 92, Grækenland
⭐︎ 4.4/5 (2.194 Google Reviews)
? € 3-6 forretter, € 6-10 lysnettet

Porto Linionas Tavern er måske lidt meget dyrere end et par af de andre restauranter på Zakynthos Island, men du betaler lidt ekstra for den spektakulære udsigt over Cove. Da vi besøgte, var tjenesten ikke så stor, men de kunne lige have haft en slukket dag, siden evalueringerne taler for sig selv.

Restorang Fondo (Porto Roxa)

? Artemisia 290 92, Grækenland
⭐︎ 4.3/5 (38 Google Reviews)
? € 3-6 forretter, € 6-10 lysnettet

Denne restaurant er et fremtrædende valg på Porto Roxa Beach kun et par minutters kørsel syd fra Porto Limnionas. De har god mad, dejlig udsigt såvel som venligt personale. Bemærk, at paraplyerne såvel som solstole på stranden kun er helt gratis for dem, der køber noget fra restauranten. Få det til at fjerne det personale, som du planlægger at spise, såvel som at blive, hvis du planlægger at gøre det, da der har været en vis forvirring med gæsterne før.

Ampelostrat (Koiliomenos)

? Koiliomenos 290 92, Grækenland
⭐︎ 4.9/5 (107 Google Reviews)
? € 3-5 appetitvækkere, € 5-8 lysnettet

I byen Koiliomenos er ca. 20 minutters kørsel øst såvel som inde i landet i Porto Limnionas denne ekstremt konventionelle såvel som ekstremt undervurderede græske taverne. Maden såvel som personale lige her er utroligt, såvel som miljøet summende. Hvis du vil have en autentisk græsk spiseoplevelse, er dette det sted, der kommer. De har ligeledes utrolig rødvin her.

Skal du gå til Porto Limnionas?

Porto Limnionas er et fremragende stop på enhver type rund-ø-turen i Zakynthos. Jeg ville ikke planlægge at forblive tæt på, da der er meget bedre hotel såvel som landsbyvalg rundt i byen, men kommer bestemt lige her om eftermiddagen såvel som glæde i udsigten, en svømmetur såvel som noget mad.

Hvis du planlægger frokost med udsigt, kan du ikke slå Porto Limnionas Tavern såvel som hvis du vil have en meget mere autentisk græsk spiseoplevelse, så inspicerer du bestemt Ampelostrat i Koiliomenos.

Uanset hvad, gå ikke glip af den betagende Cove af Porto Limnionas.

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