Royal Caribbean OVATION OF THE SEAS: top things to Do

just a day after the cruise ended, I already missed it. I woke up to my bedroom moving as if lulling me to sleep again. I thought I was still on a cruise, but no. I’m not yet ready to go back to my daily grind. Where have all those chill days gone?

Although my teammates here at The poor Traveler have gone on a cruise lots of times before, this was my first cruise ever. and it’s on Ovation of the Seas, no less. I was invited by royal Caribbean international to join one of their cruises before the season ends. going on a cruise was a novel concept to me. I just thought that I was not cut out for it. At some point, I thought I was living someone else’s dream, but as I spend a lot more time on the ship, the dream eventually became mine. and I was living it. You may say that I’m overreacting, but the experience conjured up this incredibly crazy desire to spend the rest of my life on a cruise ship. I didn’t want it to end.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t do much aboard a cruise ship. but doing a staycation and touring multiple countries in one go? That’s having the best of both worlds! The industry aims to give the best holiday for the guests, crafting and preparing onboard activities and events that will satisfy them and keep them entertained. here are some of the things I took pleasure in doing aboard royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas.

Hvad er dækket i denne vejledning?

Food Trip!
Bionic Bar
RipCord by iFly
Rock Climbing Wall
Seaplex and Arcade
Outdoor and indoor Pools
Fitness fitness center and Spa
North star and other checking out Points
Other AttractionsScheduled activities and Performances
Shore Excursions

Useful TipsWhat’s next for royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas

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Food Trip!

Top (L – R): Windjammer, Chic, The Grande; bottom (L-R): American icon Grill, The cafe @ Two70, The Silk
This was my favorite thing to do: EAT! The large selection of food was something that my weak heart and strong appetite couldn’t resist. Windjammer market uses an international buffet for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. It’s literally having (inhale) pasta, bread, pastries, meat, burgers, hot dogs, fries, cookies, fruits, salad, rice, noodles, and soup (exhale) in one place.

If you like a a lot more unwinded dining experience, you may choose from any of the complimentary main dining places like The Grande, Chic, American icon Grill, Silk, and Solarium Bistro. If you are staying in one of the suites, you may also dine at Coastal Kitchen. I’ve tried The Grande, Chic, and Solarium Bistro. You just need to reserve a table beforehand considering that they are complimentary fine dining.

(Left) Wonderland, (Top Right) Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver, (Bottom Right) Izumi
If you are in the mood to splurge for some specialties and special items on the menu, you can select from the signature restaurants such as Izumi, Wonderland, Chef’s Table, Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver, and Chops Grille. I’ve tried Wonderland’s creative offerings and Jamie Oliver’s Italian cuisines. These restaurants require door charge and fees for other services.

Sometimes, you just want to get some food and eat them somewhere else or store them in your room and eat them later. cafe Promenade has the best cookies, and it also uses coffee and milk. It’s open 24 hours. Adjacent to cafe Promenade is Sorrento’s Pizza, which operates until after midnight (3 AM). I was guilty of hoarding cookies and milk from cafe Promenade at nighttime. Haha! Undskyld ikke undskyld.

(Left) Café Promenade, (Top Right) Sorrento’s Pizza, (Bottom Right) Seaplex pet dog House
Grab some soup and quick bites at The cafe @ Two70 or munch on your favorite hotdog sandwich at Seaplex pet dog House, which also has gourmet options. These are all complimentary. If you want to treat your sweet tooth cravings, you may do so at La Patisserie for a fee.


Dress code applies when dining. It varies from casual to formal, depending upon the restaurant.

Bionic Bar

This one is a game changer. two robotic arm bartenders generally run this bar. To order, you just have to tap your card on one of the tablets located around the bar area, and then choose from the classic mixed drink menu or craft your own mix. enjoy the robotic arm bartenders fix the drink for you! For an introvert like me, I really think this is convenient, especially when I’m not in the mood for small talks and such. The Bionic Bar is powered by Makr Shakr and is genuinely making big waves.

Other bars and lounges on board are the pool Bar, Sunshine Bar, North star Bar, Two70 Bar, Schooner Bar, Vintages, and Boleros. These bars are not complimentary, so you need to open your wallets if you want to quench your thirst for alcohol. The diamond Club, however, is exclusively for Diamond, diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club Crown & anchor society members only.


Age limitations for alcohol consumption is 21+ on sailings coming from north america and 18+ on sailings coming from Europe, South America, Australia, new Zealand, and Asia.

Ripcord af Ifly

Is skydiving one of your container list items? then get the chance to experience a bit of what it feels like through this onboard simulator by iFly. just let go and dive. This is a need to try! just check the schedule/operation hour on the daily cruise planner, then head over to the registration area near the RipCord and Flowrider facilities. sign up, do the orientation, suit up, and fly.


Fee: depends upon the season. In some seasons, it’s complimentary (complimentary) but you need a prior reservation as the slots get offered out fast. In other seasons, an additional 29 USD (per hour) will be charged to your card.

Wear socks and avoid wearing open-toe footwear. It’s best to wear sneakers/rubber shoes.

Guests as young as 3 years old can try this.


You don’t need to worry about getting waves good enough for surfing because you can always say, “Surf’s up!” You can either ride the waves standing up or do boogie boarding. Or you can do both! check the daily cruise planner for the operation hour as it differs every day. No need to reserve, but you need to register before you queue.


Fee: depends upon the season. In some seasons, it’s complimentary (complimentary) but the queueing cut off is 30 minutes to one hour before the reflected closing time on the daily cruise planner. In other seasons, an additional 69 USD will be charged to your card.

Guest height requirement for stand up surfing is at least 58 inches, while boogie boarding needs at least 52 inches.

Klatrende væg

And you’d think that the fun would stop there for the thrill-seekers who are always on the step to challenge themselves. For active guests (as young as six years old), stretch your limit as you try reaching the top of this 40-foot tall wall while feeling the ocean breeze graze your body and pausing for a while to take pleasure in the view. wall difficulty varies from novices to speed climbers.


This is a complimentary activity.

You just need to check the operation hour on the daily cruise planner as schedule may vary. No need for prior reservation, but come as early as you can to register/sign up because the line will close 15-30 minutes before cut off time.

Participants need to wear socks.

Seaplex og arkade

Guests from all age group will never run out of fun things to do here. just think of an onboard full-size basketball court that can be transformed into bumper cars and trucks space, roller skating area, and trapeze school? As kids nowadays express it, I was “shookt!” and that’s not all, Seaplex also has Xbox gaming area, table tennis area, air hockey table, table soccer, and the first-ever onboard hotdog food truck!

Just beside Seaplex is Challenger’s Arcade where you can race, kill zombies, try your luck getting something from the claw machine, and more! To play, you just need to tap your SeaPass card for a very little fee. It’s open 24 hours!


Seaplex activities are complimentary. You just need to register/sign up for the activity of your choice.

For bumper cars, guests need to be above five years old. parents or guardians need to accompany kids 5-8 years old. kids need to be eight years old to ride alone.

For roller skating, guests six years old and below need to be gone along with by parents or guardians. All participants need to wear socks.

Overall, parent/guardian supervision is needed for kids 13 years old and below.

Udendørs og indendørs puljer

Ovation of the Seas has a total of eight pools. It has two indoor pools and two outdoor pools, including H2O zone best for kids. aside from the normal pool, it also boasts four whirlpools. You can also read a book while lounging at the Solarium, which is strategically located at the front of the ship, using a terrific view of the sea.

The pool deck is also the venue for outdoor movies! I got the time to enjoy a motion picture with the other guests one night. It was so cool!


Get your towel from designated towel station by providing your SeaPass card.

Don’t forget to shower before you get into the pool. There are shower areas near the pools and whirlpools.

Infants who are not toilet trained or are wearing diapers are not permitted in the pool for public health reason.

Fitness Fitness Center og Spa

It’s hard to enjoy your diet if you are on a cruise. The struggle is real! but if you want to catch up on your fitness routine, you may do so at Vitality Sea fitness center located on Deck 16. For those who are in the mood for some extra pampering, you may avail the services used at Vitality health spa on Deck 15.


Vitality fitness center access is complimentary.

For Vitality health spa services, fees vary depending upon the service you choose.

North Star og andre check -out -point

One of the best places on board for terrific views is the revolutionary North STar, en check -out pod, der kan gå i en højde af op til 300 fod over havets overflade. Turen giver dig en 360-graders visning af både din nuværende placering og skibet. Hvis du reserverede et værelse med en balkon eller en havudsigt, kan du glæde dig over en betagende udsigt inde i komforten i dit eget stue.

Andre check -out -pletter ombord på skibet er det udvendige pooldæk, dæk 15 og indvendige områder, hvor der er glasvinduer som havplex, fitnesscenter, restauranter, to70, solarium og mere.


Gebyr: Afhænger af sæsonen. I nogle sæsoner er det gratis (gratis). Det er ikke nødvendigt at reservere. Bare falder i kø og vent på din tur. I andre sæsoner opkræves yderligere 40 USD til dit kort.

Børn skal være mindst fire år gamle for at ride på North Star.

Nordstjernen er muligvis ikke egnet til gæster med sundhedsmæssige forhold som Vertigo og Claustrophobia.


Under vores krydstogt var der en masse fantastiske tilbud og kampagner til genstande som ure, tegnebøger, parfume, tasker og smykker fra forskellige mærker, herunder luksusmærker. En butik eller to gjorde salg af godkendelse. Ovation of the Seas har fire detailforretninger: Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Cartier og Omega.

Andre attraktioner

Planlagte aktiviteter og forestillinger

Der er masser af nye ting at gøre hver dag, selv når du bare vil tilbringe hele dagen på havet. Tjek Cruise Compass, hvor du kan finde daglige tilbud, gennemgå Shore -udflugter Højdepunkter for at hjælpe dig med at vælge den udflugt, der passer til din interesse, lære meget mere om nydelsen og aktiviteterne for dagen og har dit eget bibliotek med de ombordfaciliteter og faciliteter, Og find andre særlige tilbud.

Den daglige planlægger skærmer spisestuen til morgenmad, frokost og middag. Dette inkluderer også snacks, barer og specialrestaurantplaner. Du finder også den komplette liste over aktiviteter hele dagen, der dækker morgen-, eftermiddags- og aftenplanen for begivenheder. Jeg var i stand til at se pixels vise.

Andre aktiviteter og shows er levende kærlighedsben, poolfester, scrapbooking, natteliv, gæstelæsninger, salsadans og andre dansekurser, sprogundervisning, eventyrhav (til børn), foldekunstnerskab, temaaftener, liveband, udendørs filmaftener, Spilleshow og andre sportskonkurrencer og Royal Caribbean’s originale produktioner.


Under porte med opkald, hvorfor ikke deltage i en af ​​de ture, der bruges af partner lokale rejsebureauer. Bare tjek Shore Expedition Kiosks på Deck 5 for at spørge om disse ture inden dockingens dag. Vores gruppe var i stand til at deltage i tre landudflugter under vores Vietnam -ben – Hoi An Tour, Nha Trang Tour og Ho Chi Minh City Tour.

Nyttige tip

Hold dig opdateret med Cruise Compass, hvor du kan finde fantastiske tilbud til dagen, andre særlige tilbud og afgørende meddelelser. For forestillinger og begivenhedsplan kan du tjekke den daglige planlægger. Du kan også bruge det til at kontrollere tiden for tilgængelige sjove aktiviteter eller gratis lektioner. Du kan få både krydstogtskompasset og den daglige planlægger i gæsteserviceområdet på dæk 4.

Hold dit SeaPass -kort med dig på nogen måde tidspunkter. Det er din billet til alt, mens du er på krydstogtet. Det fungerer også som dit gebyr/kreditkort ombord på skibet.

Vask dine hænder på nogen måde tidspunkter, især hvis du går ind og forlader restauranter eller madsteder. Dette er for at stoppe sygdom og sygdom forårsaget af spredning af bakterier.

Hvert dæk har et bibliotek, der hjælper dig med at navigere rundt i krydstogtskibet.

En pengeautomat er placeret på dæk 4, nær gæsteservices. Serviceafgift pr. Deal gælder.

Du kan få store rabatter, når du planlægger og booker dit næste krydstogt om bord. Sæt bare en aftale og kør mod NextCruise Office på dæk 5. Driftstider er kl. 9 til 21.

Til internetforbindelse er der ombord WiFi -forbindelse leveret af Voom. Du kan gå til Internet -helpdesk på dæk 4, hvis du har spørgsmål, der vedrører din forbindelse, eller hvordan du får en. Det er åbent fra kl. 16 til 20.

Hvad er det næste for Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas

Ovation of the Seas vil have sit Pioneer Cruise i Alaska, kaldet The Last Frontier, der starter maj 2019 til S

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